Scott Robert Harvey

Scott Robert Harvey - Artist

Scott Robert Harvey is fed up with having to like the idea that art needs to be provocative or follow a movement to be considered valid. A painter since the age of twelve, he attended university and became even more disenfranchised with the idea that art needed to have the qualities described by the established demagogues of the last century. "I do not want to limit my own painting to some kind of statements about ideals, social philosophy and virtues, or be another flash in the pan representative of some faux movement. There are plenty of Lichtenstein and Warhol rip offs out there. There are too many 'recreations' of Dada and other obsolete schools."

Just a cursory look at Harvey's work will tell you that he's an artist searching for aesthetic material and dramatic relationships. His work is realistic yet at the same time he achieves an overall tonal quality; a sense of air and light. At times the subject matter does show an abstract sensibility relating pattern and texture more than a scene or vista. They might be completely without a sky, for example, and in some series, there will be a severe cropping to emphasize this.

Harvey executes his work deliberately, organizing to achieve an end. He believes things timidly done come out looking timid. In his work, one will find a recurring theme of life, decay and the elemental forces of nature; "It's an inevitability in our lives; that nothing lasts forever, that the very bones of the earth show us the depth of change, and that like these stones and magnificent trees, someday all of that, including me, will become dust. Life is something to embrace, to be grateful for, because no one can make your dreams happen for you. Luck has very little to do with it, except by the hand one is dealt and the choices one makes."

Harvey enjoys teaching painting as an adjunct to his personal learning experiences. "The students force me to consider things that I have always done on autopilot," he says. "Trust your dreams and nurture them always," is his advice to his students. He teaches the craft of painting, finding that many students, including graduate level artists, have never learned how to make sound supports, or the nature of their painting materials. "When you approach a savvy dealer or curator, they are going to know by the quality of what is presented whether it has any inherent value. That piece of acid cardboard or chunk of drywall is not something a great dealer is going to regard seriously."

Mr. Harvey is also an accomplished chef, regarding cooking as an art, and enjoys presenting food that is as visually appealing as it is appetizing. He has worked in many fine dining venues, and still does personal cheffing for his loyal clients. He was trained in classical French cooking and enjoys food science immensely.

Scott Robert Harvey lives and works in Reno, Nevada. He considers the high desert some of the most beautiful and varied landscape he's ever had the pleasure of painting. "The High Sierra called to me from the first time I was here in 1982, and I have since never regretted coming to live in this beautiful region. There is no excuse for a realist to not find a muse here, and for me it is the nature I am privileged to live with."